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A sketchbook can be many things: a journal of your experiences, a place to develop new ideas, a tool to increase your drawing skill, or a place to just experiment freely, to name a few. While sketching uses the same fundamental techniques of drawing that have been around since the Renaissance, because many artists’ training have been limited to the studio environment they have not learned proper live sketching methods. Sketching People will teach you the classic techniques that will break you free from the studio and allow you to create your art wherever you are. Whether you’re on a trip to the mall or a trip across the world, these skills will allow you to be able to capture the vibrant experiences of every day life.

Sketching People will teach you to:

  • Hone your observational skills through simple drawing and awareness exercises
  • Create dynamic gesture sketches – the foundation of fluid figure drawing
  • Carve out three-dimensional form from the flat page using simple boxes, spheres and cylinders
  • Understand the dynamics of cloth in order to sketch clothing
  • Capture facial expressions that show real emotion
  • Use body language to reveal a person’s inner thoughts
  • Orchestrate groups of people in a drawing to tell a story
  • Use light and shade to enhance a drawing

Drawing in a sketchbook can be incredibly fun and rewarding if you aren’t bogged down because you’re wrestling with technique. Sketching People will give you the tools to get out of the studio and unleash your creativity.

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